LEGAL DISCLAIMERS: This document is provided solely as a public service for computer users having problems with spyware. I have no direct, nor to the best of my knowledge any indirect (e.g., mutual funds), financial ties with any of the tools or applications listed or recommended within this document. The views presented in this document are entirely my own and do not represent the views of my employer or of any of customers of my employer. Removing spyware unavoidably entails risks that your computer will stop working or lose data. This procedure does not guarantee removal of all spyware. PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING REQUEST FOR YOUR EXPLICIT CONCURRENCE BEFORE YOU USE ANY PROCEDURE DESCRIBED IN THIS DOCUMENT: By applying any spyware removal procedure originating either directly in this document or indirectly in documents referenced by this document, you are by your actions agreeing to the following two conditions: (1) You have sufficient legal ownership and/or administrative rights to apply operating system level changes to the computer or computers upon which you are performing any such procedure. (2) You accept all of the risks and responsibilities for any damage that could occur to your computer as a direct or indirect result of applying spyware removal procedures to the computer or computers. Please DO NOT apply any of the procedures in this document if you cannot or do not have sufficient authority to agree fully with the above two conditions.