Succeeding with Open Source

By Bernard Golden (, CEO of Navica, Phone: 650-400-3204
Publication date: August 2004 (Addison-Wesley). This book is
available from at this link.

This book provides the first serious and detailed analysis that I have seen about how to go about selecting open source projects and products. It brings open source use more in line with traditional software engineering and the selection criteria of enterprises. You can find my full review of Bernard Golden's book (PDF, 85 kbytes)  in the September/October 2004 issue of IEEE Software. If you have any trouble with that link, you can also get a copy of my review directly from this server.

Disclaimers: I was a reviewer of the book for Addison-Wesley, which is the source of my early knowledge about its contents. I have exchanged emails and calls with Mr. Golden since finding out about him and his book through Addison-Wesley, but I do not have any kind of direct or indirect business relationship with either him or Navica.